Batgirl Vs Supergirl {dd} Batgirl Vs Supergirl {dd}

Batgirl Vs Supergirl {dd}

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Subject to change without notice Earth`s sexiest Super XXX Hero is a young co-ed from another planet. Supergirl (Alanah Rae) escapes the destruction of her home planet, but her greatest challenge lies ahead--sorority life! With the help of her cousin Superman (Dale Dabone) and her bff Barbara Gordon (Sunny Lane), Supergirl tries to pass off as human. The only thing standing in her way from a life of text books, keg parties and casual sex is Natasha Luthor (Andy San Dimas), the Queen Bitch of the Tri-Pi Sorority. In Luthor`s plan for world domination, Supergirl is the last piece of the puzzle.Each day Barbara Gordon (played by Sunny Lane in her last adult performance) watches her beloved Gotham City spiral further down the drain. With crime and sexual deviancy on the rise, Barbara`s father, the police commissioner is handcuffed by the corruption of the political system, as well as his hot secretary. Barbara knows in order to save her city, she`ll have to maneuver outside the limits of the law. The fiery redhead dons a mask and cape and joins the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin as Batgirl, their sexiest ally. When Gotham`s newest criminal Bianca Steeplechase, aka Joker, breaks into Arkham Asylum and frees Riddler, Harlequin, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Catwoman, the crusaders find themselves severely outnumbered, but not out sexed. In Batgirl XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody, a hero rises to the challenge and uses everything at her disposal to bring the scum of Gotham to its knees.

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